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We are Sossna-spinnerets, an internationally active spinneret manufacturer with different perfect profiles.

What characterizes us?

  • appreciation
  • confidence
  • empowerment to act
  • openness
  • trust

Who are we?

  • Sossna is a manufacturer of spinnerets working internationally with commercial agents all over the world.
  • Sossna develops, produces and markets standard as well as special spinnerets and spin packs worldwide
  • Our business profile is clearly focused towards sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Active management is the heart of our value creation commitment.
  • We define special spinnerets as being top quality in material and precision, technology orientated, know-how intensive, trouble-free, difficult to replace, difficult to copy.

What do we want to reach?

  • Ultimately the success of our customers is at the core of our efforts. This way Sossna creates reliable and long-term value not only for it’s customers but also for its employees.
  • Sossna’s clear objective is to hold a leading position in all our activities and markets.
  • We strive to sustainable increase sales and earnings above the industry average level. We want to achieve an attractive return on the invested capital.
  • Sossna focus on long-term value growth and not maximization of short-term gains.
  • We will achieve our goals with dedicated and highly skilled employees.

How do we want to achieve our objectives?

  • We provide innovative first class products and solutions and extensive technical service
  • Sossna GmbH and it’s agents understand the spinnerets business better that our competitors
  • Quality is our main driver for success.
  • Quality is not only important to our products but also the efficiency and result of our production process.


  • The guidelines are binding for our interaction with our staff. Our employees and agents can rest assure that leadership at Sossna follows clear and binding principles.
  • providing orientation
  • assuming responsibility
  • communicating openly
  • taking decisions
  • fostering cooperation
  • creating a good work environment


Sossna GmbH
Fürst-Leopold-Allee 96
DE-46284 Dorsten, Germany

Phone: +49.2362.993710
Fax: +49.2362.9937120