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Spinnerets for melt spinning

Mono- and multifilaments

Mono- and multifilaments

Our product range covers all kinds of high pressure, stainless steel spinnerets for spinning monofilaments, multifilaments and staple fibres from several polymers like PP, PA.6, PA.66 and PET, including bi-components, for producing textile-, industrial-, carpet (BCF) and special yarns.

Different blank dimensions and forms can be supplied, such as round, rectangular and oval. In addition to round capillaries, a large variety of profiled capillaries can be provided for spinning standard or micro dpf filaments.

Staple fibres

Staple fibres

Each capillary is of high precision and is subjected to calibration at the end of the manufacturing process. As a result, the tolerance between capillaries both within a spinneret and between spinnerets is very narrow. This method of capillary calibration is unique and has been developed to a high standard in our spinneret production facility.

Different types of stainless steel material, well-proven for spinnerets, are available and will be supplied with the appropriate heat treatment and surface hardening.

The exit surface of spinnerets can be provided with matt lapping, mirror finishing or PVD-coating.

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